1969 Buick Skylark GS 400 Rescued from Storage, Roaring to Life with Champion Performance -265

1968 witnessed the introduction of the second-generation Skylark, and just as expected, General Motors made plenty of changes, starting with the different wheelbases and ending with the mandatory safety features.

However, the biggest upgrade for the Gran Sport was the transition from an option package to a standalone series. The GS 400 was sold separately, with the same strategy then carried over to the next model years (when Buick also introduced further revisions, such as the GS 455 launched in 1970).

The GS 400 debuted in 1968 – and continued to be available in a similar configuration in 1969 – with a 400 (6.6-liter) engine developing 340 horsepower thanks to a four-barrel Rochester carburetor. It was only available as a convertible or hardtop.

The GS 400 that eBay seller viperpowersports has recently discovered in a barn rolled off the assembly lines in 1969 as a convertible, but as anyone can tell with just a few clicks on the photos, it needs a new top now. The existing one goes up and down manually, but due to its rough shape, it must be replaced completely.

In fact, the car itself requires a full restoration, but based on the provided pics and details, the project should be rather easy. The interior looks more than decent, as the black leather managed to survive the test of time with flying colors.

The mechanical side comes with both good news and bad news. While the Buick now needs a new exhaust manifold, the engine starts and drives beautifully – to be honest, I wouldn’t necessarily consider it road-worthy, especially after sitting for such a long time; but on the other hand, given it's the matching-numbers unit, and it still starts and drives, it makes the restoration to factory specifications much easier.

The vehicle continues to be entirely original and comes with still-working power windows.

As for the metal part, you'll find rust damage on the doors, the quarters, and the rockers. It needs a new trunk pan, and you should totally inspect the floors as well, as they're typically invaded by rust quite fast, especially on vehicles parked for a long time.

At the end of the day, this Skylark seems to tick most boxes for a restoration candidate, especially because it's entirely original and the matching-numbers engine still starts and runs.

On the other hand, the price could be a roadblock for this Buick's dream of returning to the road one day, as the seller expects to get $9,500 for the car.

The Make Offer button is also active, so interested buyers should reach out to the owner with other offers.

At this point, the car is parked in West Palm Beach, Florida, for in-person visual inspections.

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