The 1969 Chevrolet Impala Custom Coupe With Stunningly Few Miles on the Clock -314

It took me less than 18 months to reach 15,000 miles (24,140.1 km) in my 2021 Mitsubishi. On average, Americans reach that mileage in even less time. So when we find a classic 1969 Chevrolet Impala rocking less mileage than most 2021 models, you know we had to check it out.

Granted, not every nut and bolt of this classic eBay find out of Mundelein, Illinois, is original hardware. But people who perseverate on such matters are hardly ever fun to be around.

To the average gearhead, there are lots of things to like about this late 60s family coupe. For one thing, we don't think anyone but a snob would quip about this Impala's shiny light-green paint not being OEM.

Most unrestored 1969 Impalas are sporting colors that only resemble rust-orange at this point. To see an example in the complete opposite state is nothing short of a breath of fresh air.

Though this Impala left the factory with a Chevy V8, the owner states items like the intake, headers, and exhaust system are radically different than what was on offer back in the late 60s.

Also, we don't know, and the seller doesn't say if it's the car's original heart or not. But it says that's a 350 underneath that shining hood of this 2-door Custom Coupe.

Power is fed to a modern GM 700R4 four-speed transmission, and through its driveshaft is met at the rear by a Positraction limited-slip differential.

With a stunning black-vinyl interior accented by wood grain trim pieces on the door cards, steering wheel, and instrument cluster, this is a package that screams the early 70s more so than it does the late 60s.

Essentially, that's where the divide between people who might want to buy this car and those who walk away will be drawn. Is non-numbers matching hardware really that big a deal?

It's not like we're dealing with a limited-run vehicle, fourth-generation impalas sold in relatively huge numbers for seven model years. Well, though it might not bother most people, that aftermarket hardware may as well be money down the drain to some folks.

That's why an asking price of $24,900 sounds more than fair for what you're getting.

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