Flawless Classic: The 1970 Impala Boasts All-Original Features, Minimal Miles, and a Showroom Finish

Depending on who you ask, the final years of the fourth-generation Impala more or less turned Chevy's superstar into a dull model. The dropping sales could be seen as living proof on this front, especially as the Impala declined from over 1 million units in 1965 to nearly half of this figure by the end of the decade.

For diehard Impala fans, myself included, the late '60s brought a transformation that was absolutely needed, especially in terms of engines. Chevy tried to go for a strategy that increased Impala's customer appeal and offered more powerful powerplants, even without the SS package.

The 1970 model year witnessed the debut of two 454 (7.4-liter) monsters specifically supposed to replace the 427 (7.0-liter) unit dropped on the 1969 sibling.

While the introduction of bigger engines was good news for Impala fanboys, Chevrolet tried to shoot two birds with one stone. It tried to retain Impala's performance appetite, but at the same time, it also struggled to meet the new emission standards. The top 454 developed "only" 390 horsepower.

The 1970 Impala that I recently came across on eBay is an impressive testament to the final year of the super-successful fourth-generation lineup.

Coming in showroom condition, this mesmerizing Impala has everything you'd ever want on a classic car. The vehicle is entirely original, unrestored, and with everything in perfect working condition, including the lights, the wipers, and even the factory radio.

Everything you see in the photos is exactly how Chevy wanted it to be in 1970 when the car rolled off the assembly lines, as the owner guarantees this Impala has never been molested in any way.

The engine under the hood isn't the almighty big-block I told you about earlier but a 350 (5.7-liter) that's still working like new. To be honest, this isn't by any means a surprise given the way the car looks, so most likely, this Impala went out only occasionally for short trips.

And speaking of going out, the odometer indicates a little over 37,000 miles (59,500 km). The owner claims the mileage is original and correct.

The full package is rounded up by the original keys, the owner's manual, and the original bill of sale.

At some level, this 1970 Impala would perfectly fit a car museum where its stunning condition can be admired by Chevy fans. For now, it's still trying to find a new owner online, where the bidding started by seller hds-sales is underway.

Chances are someone would eventually buy the car, as the top offer at the time of writing is a little over $11,000. The battle is fierce, with over 27 bids registered in a few days online.

The seller has also enabled a $20,000 bid, but with eight days left until the auction closes, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the price going well past this value.

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