Enticing 1963 Chevrolet Impala SS Discovered in Junkyard, Yet a Grim Reality Awaits

Junkyard discoveries often hold a certain allure, but this 1963 Impala SS might just be the jewel of this automotive graveyard.

A classic Impala adorned with SS badges is enough to excite many enthusiasts, yet this 1963 model might not fulfill the dreams of high-end collectors.

The accompanying photo gallery candidly reveals the common pitfalls of a junkyard find. Rust is abundant, and the remaining metal on the car is anything but pristine.

As for what's under the hood – or rather, what isn't – the absence of the hood itself leaves the engine bay exposed to the elements. It's likely that the original powerplant now resides in another Impala, with this SS having served as a donor.

Initially equipped with an automatic transmission, this car was once on its way to a manual conversion. The components for the transition remain, but their fate depends on the prospective owner's vision for the vehicle.

The 1963 Impala SS holds a prestigious spot in Chevy's annals. As a testament to its soaring popularity, the Impala was chosen as the model to mark the 50 millionth car produced by the GM brand.

A gleaming, captivating Impala SS emerged from the Tarrytown plant, with New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller at the helm.

Six decades on, the Chevrolet Impala SS remains a sought-after gem, with collectors prepared to pay top dollar for pristine, unrestored examples. Unfortunately, this Impala doesn't fit that bill, as its rough condition presents a formidable restoration challenge.

However, this SS could potentially breathe new life into another Impala in better condition, considering the extensive work required for a full restoration. The floors are beyond repair, the engine is missing, and the manual conversion may not be to everyone's taste.

On the bright side, the interior remains in relatively good condition, and most components are still present.

The major drawback here is the price. eBay seller rustlys is asking for nearly $6,000 for this Impala SS. A $5,750 bid has already been placed, and without a reserve, it could be the winning offer if no one else enters the fray.

If you're interested, the car is located in Missouri and can be viewed before bidding.

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