1963 Ford Ranchero Thrives on Private Property, Outperforming Modern Trucks in Liveliness -276

A 1963 Ford Ranchero that’s currently sitting in someone’s yard looks impressively solid, even after several years spent in storage.

Described on Craigslist as a barn find, this Ranchero looks to be a rather easy project, especially because the typical rust suspects seem to be missing this time.

Let’s start with the obvious and tell you that the metal appears to be in very good shape. The body is nice, the owner explains, and while no specifics have been provided on the rust you may find during a closer inspection, expect at least the floors and the trunk to struggle with such damage.

Finished in green, the Ranchero most likely flexes the original paint, though it goes without saying it’s far from a perfect 10 condition. This isn’t necessarily surprising after all these years, but if you’re looking for a truck ready for a museum, there’s no doubt that a full respray is going to be required.

The V8 under the hood is still running, but on the other hand, you shouldn’t consider this Ranchero road-worthy just yet. Most likely, additional fixes are required after the long time of sitting, but the seller hasn’t provided too many specifics in this regard.

Without a doubt, a Ranchero that comes in such a solid shape isn’t something that we get to see every day. Unfortunately, other essential details are missing, so we have no clue if the truck is still entirely original.

We also don’t know if any big parts are missing or not, but this is precisely why you should just go check out everything in person.

The asking price seems to be just fair, as the owner is willing to let their Ranchero go for $5,500. It’s parked in Blue Ridge, so you know what you have to do if you believe this truck deserves a place in your garage.


  1. Somebody cut the rear fenders though. Too bad. My first car was a 63 Falcon .

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