Would Anyone Make Their 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe Restomod A Pointy-Lipped Shark?

With the introduction of the S650 sales from across national dealerships, the fabled, iconic, ultra-legendary Ford Mustang is just about ready to launch its seventh lease of life. Why do supporters still think about the original, then?

You see, my feeling is that many people love to think about the glorious past.

Maybe it was not that extraordinary, to begin with, but as our memory fades, we start filtering stuff through sentimental judgment rather than logic. As such, while many folks will certainly deposit the cash needed to snatch an (S650) 2024 Ford Mustang off the lot, just as many – if more – would rather use the same amount for a classic pony car.

But then you must think about a lot of considerations – do you buy a gorgeous survivor for the price of an entire house or get yourself a piece of scrap and start everything from scratch? Or maybe you have the car already and just want to make it shine and upgrade the internals according to modern standards.

If that is the case, you are probably entering the cool realm of restoration and modification – aka restomods.

Sometimes the mental picture does not suffice to create the entire project – then perhaps you need a little bit of outside help. Luckily, talent and technology have joined forces across the dreamy wonderland of digital car content creators.

They can also do commissions and help owners of cars visualize – ahead of any costly screwup – how the finished project would look like when all was said and done.

Only on this occasion do I really think that even with help, this guy still destroyed the looks of his 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe. Meet Emmanuel Brito, the virtual artist better known as personalizatuauto on social media, who takes us on this fresh rendering-to-reality journey of discovery.

He created the looks of the ’66 Mustang Coupe for Eric Wilson (aka razrbak1994) and (if you want our two cents on the matter) went down the ‘our client is our master route’ without even taking a second glance at the final CGI result.

Earnestly, it just looks like a little shark was going to the club with pointy lips in search of unwilling partners for a dance.

Well, all these feelings of rejection might be coming from the front bumper treatment, frankly. Otherwise, it is a solid first-gen Ford Mustang restomod, as far as we can tell, complete with LED-infused front and taillights, nice, chromed aftermarket wheels to hide the cross-drilled modern brakes and crimson brake calipers, plus clean lines all around the body.

And, just in case you do not feel like this is the right restomod for you, the pixel master also had a meatier 1989 Ford Mustang GT cooked a while back – and that one sure looks like a Fox Body ready for some track and show business!

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