Vintage Beauty: 1956 Lincoln Premiere - A Timeless One-Owner Gem That's All-Original and Stunning in Pink

In 1956, Lincoln released the full-size Premiere, a stylish offering placed just below the luxurious Continental.

Despite being discontinued after the 1960 model year and overshadowed by the more elegant Continental, the Premiere is still one of the sexiest and most alluring full-size cars of the mid-to-late 1950s.

While it may not be as popular with classic car enthusiasts, to me, the one-owner, all-original survivor is an absolute gem, and pretty in pink to boot.

While not as luxurious as the Continental, the Premiere showcased a more modern design and quickly became a successful competitor against the Cadillac Series 62, Imperial Crown Coupe, and the Packard Patrician.

And just like the Capri, it was heavily based on then-futuristic concept cars like the Mercury XM-800 and the Lincoln Futura. This first-year Premiere in pink perfectly showcases how gorgeous this full-size is.

A one-owner car, this 1956 Lincoln is also an all-original survivor with numbers-matching everything. And that’s quite rare nowadays, with many Premieres from the era abandoned in junkyards or left to rust in barns. How did it soldier on in such great condition for more than 60 years?

Well, it’s been pampered since day one. It’s only been parked in a garage when not driven, and it’s never been in a crash. So not only is the body straight as an arrow but the Island Coral and Starmist White finish still looks the part. And yes, this sedan is still wearing its factory paint.

Is it perfect? No! It has some rust around the wheel arches, and the paint has faded away in places, but it’s by far the best-looking Premiere survivor I’ve seen in a very long time.

The same goes for the interior, aside from some wear and tear on the front seats. And the fact that there are no cracks on the dashboard is a pleasant surprise. And the pink, black, and white color combo is gorgeous, to say the least.

The engine under the hood is obviously of the numbers-matching variety. The 1956 and 1957 Premier was only available with a 368-cubic-inch (6.0-liter) Y-block V8, so that’s what you’ll get. The mill was rated at 275 horsepower when new and came with a three-speed automatic gearbox.

This classic beauty is ready to roar back to life! The engine may smoke a bit, but that's no surprise after 66 years of resting. The seller recommends a fresh tank of gas, a tune-up, and an oil change to get this vintage ride running smoothly once again.

It's been waiting patiently for a chance to hit the open road, and with a little attention, it'll be purring like a kitten in no time.

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