Uncovering a Hidden Gem: 1966 Chevrolet Impala with a Unique Odometer Surprise After 30 Years in Hibernation

In the captivating year of 1965, Chevrolet's illustrious Impala was gearing up to shatter expectations and establish a record that would leave even the GM brand in awe.

In the captivating year of 1965, the Impala astoundingly became the first post-WWII car in the United States to achieve over 1 million units sold within a single year.

This feat is even more remarkable considering the Impala was a relatively new model at the time. Initially introduced in 1958 as a Bel Air variant, it quickly graduated to a stand-alone series just a year later.

In merely seven years, the Impala skyrocketed to superstardom. Chevrolet attempted to maintain this momentum in the subsequent years; however, a series of questionable market decisions led to a gradual decline in sales.

In 1966, the company separated the Caprice into its own series, which resulted in a drop in sales for the Impala lineup.

Despite losing a crucial member of the family, the Impala remained an alluring model. It continued to be available with six-cylinders and V8s, and customers could order it in various configurations, including a two-door convertible or hardtop, a four-door sedan or hardtop, and a four-door station wagon (which was also the most expensive configuration that year).

The Impala featured here is a truly astonishing discovery. Having been parked for an astounding 30 years, time has inevitably taken its toll on the vehicle's condition, with rust damage demanding particular attention.

Prospective buyers should thoroughly inspect the floors, as the images reveal massive holes on both the driver's and passenger's sides. While large patches could address the issue, new pans would likely be a better choice for those seeking a high-quality restoration job.

In 1989, the Impala's owner parked it roadside due to an engine overheating issue. Since then, the car has undergone a series of repairs, including new brake lines and hoses. The original Rochester carburetor has been rebuilt, although it still needs further attention.

The odometer displays a mere 27,000 miles (approximately 43,500 km), with the owner assuring its authenticity. The low mileage seems plausible given the extended time spent parked, but it's still wise to investigate further.

At a glance, this low-mileage Impala appears to be a prime candidate for a full restoration, provided the price is right. Unsurprisingly, the current owner is not willing to part with it cheaply, seeking around $6,500 for the vehicle.

However, they are open to considering other offers, so if you're interested in this Impala, don't hesitate to reach out to eBay seller liobar7549. Currently located in San Jose, California, the car will need to be towed upon purchase.

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