This 1972 Dodge Demon Is Here To Prove Every Ending Is A New Beginning..

Okay, so perhaps the Demon wasn’t quite as alluring as other Dodge models, and perhaps it lacked the tremendous power found elsewhere.

Even yet, the car had its own fan base and is still, in a sense, a highly sought-after model today, albeit more for restomods than for complete factory restorations. And this 1972 Dart right here could be just the right choice for a restomod.

As one of the approximately 40,000 Demons that got to see the daylight for the model year 1972, this model obviously comes in a rough shape. There’s plenty of rust, and eBay seller lucasmopar explains that several metal parts, including the hood, the floors, and the trunk, would have to be replaced completely because of this problem.

Still wearing some 80 percent of the original paint it was born with, this Dart no longer comes with an engine and a transmission. For people planning a restomod, this is actually good news.

First of all, the lack of an engine makes the Dart a lot cheaper, and second of all, this Dodge rolled off the assembly lines with a six-cylinder unit anyway. So at some level, the original powerplant no longer being there isn’t by any means bad news.

But without a doubt, bringing the car back to the road isn’t going to be an easy mission. However, the good news is the Dart is selling at no reserve, and at first glance, it could end up going for cheap.

If you want to see the vehicle in person, it’s currently parked on a trailer in Cuero, Texas – and of course, the buyer would also have to take care of towing, as the vehicle is now just a roller.

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