Shaved 1970 Cadillac Coupe Deville Is The Black Nightmare In The Rearview Mirror..

By the nature of the segment it’s in, Cadillac isn’t one of those automakers that roll out dozens of models at once. The US brand’s current lineup has only six models, the majority of which are SUVs, and that seems to be working for the GM company.

As one of the world’s first auto brands (the company was founded in 1902), Cadillac has always held a high position, starting with the early Runabouts and ending with the contemporary Escalade. In between, there are countless models who have made a name for themselves at their respective ages.

All in all, GM cars are the gold of the customization industry, but only a handful of Cadillacs have become the favorites of the demanding segment and are still on the market today.

One of them is the DeVille – a car that was born in 1958, which is in high demand among collectors, regardless of the model or condition of the car.

One of the DeVilles currently for sale on a specialized auction site is the Coupe we have here. It’s a 1970 model, of the late third generation, but has been modified in the making to look a bit more dramatic, both modern and classic, in black.

Sport just modifies the image enough to make it look cool and intimidating (especially when viewed through the rearview mirror) – it brings things like shaved door handles, custom lights, 20-inch wheels, doors color book, headlights and aftermarket lights, all beautifully wrapped in an almost all-black package.

Under the hood, the car still uses the original 472ci V8 engine and three-speed automatic transmission that back in the day was rated at 375 hp with 525 lb-ft of torque.

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