Rare Panther Pink 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Convertible Unveiled - A Canadian Masterpiece

As a muscle car enthusiast, choosing just one favorite from the classic era can be a daunting task. While many may argue the merits of the Mustang or Camaro, for me, nothing beats a Mopar, especially a Challenger or a Barracuda.

What makes these models stand out from the crowd is not just the badge, but also their powerful 426-cubic-inch HEMI V8 engines and the incredible "high impact" color options. From the bold Hemi Orange to the eye-catching Go Mango, Plum Crazy, Green Go, and Banana, there are plenty of hues to choose from.

But for me, nothing compares to the rare and unique Pink Panther, also known as Moulin Rouge on Plymouth models. While some may dismiss this color as "girly," I believe it looks absolutely stunning on muscle cars.

What's more, Chrysler only offered this shade for a limited time, making it even more special. Finding a 1970 Challenger in Panther Pink is a true rarity, and one that any collector would be proud to add to their collection.

When it comes to rarity, the Panther Pink 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Convertible takes the cake. This high-impact color, available under code FM3, was only ordered by 334 customers and dealerships, making it the second-rarest color for that year, only beat by Green Go, which was commissioned for just 204 cars.

With 20 colors available that year, it's clear that the Panther Pink was a unicorn among Challengers. Only 13 coupes were ordered with the SE package, split between six SE models and seven R/T SE cars.

As for the pink convertible, it's an even rarer variant with only 14 examples out of 3,884 total drop-top production. And when you add the R/T package to the mix, the number drops to just four units.

While it's unclear how many remain, one of them was shipped to Canada when new and has since undergone a meticulous frame-off restoration. It boasts a pristine white interior, offering the perfect contrast to its vibrant exterior.

Prepare to be wowed by a true unicorn at the 2023 World of Wheels car show. Feast your eyes on the only Panther Pink 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Convertible in all of Canada. One of only 54 R/T Convertibles to make it to the Great White North, this beauty was originally a parade vehicle for Miss Centennial Manitoba.

However, after the celebrations ended, the Challenger was sold off to a new owner who wasn't a fan of the iconic pink hue. Thankfully, it has since been restored to its original specifications and is once again rocking the rare Panther Pink coating.

This gem is packed with high-end options, including a Rallye instrument cluster, power disc brakes, racing mirrors, and chrome exhaust tips. Plus, it still boasts its original numbers-matching 383-cubic-inch (6.3-liter) V8 engine, which delivers an impressive 335 horsepower and 425 pound-feet (576 Nm) of torque.

So, whether you're a die-hard Mopar fan or just appreciate one-of-a-kind treasures, you won't want to miss seeing this Challenger in person.

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