Rare Find: One-of-a-Kind 1972 GS 455 Convertible in Flame Orange Now Available

The last breath of the muscle car era was captured in this rare beauty that rolled off the assembly line in Flint, Michigan in 1972. With a price tag of 5,787 USD, or nearly 40k in today's money, the Buick Skylark GS455 Stage 1 Convertible with air-conditioning boasted a unique package that was truly one-of-a-kind.

Only six of these masterpieces were produced in 1971, but this sassy orange convertible with a tan canvas top was the only one of its kind. It found its way to a customer in North Carolina who didn't want to miss out on the chance to own one of the last true muscle cars of its time.

As we approach the end of gasoline-powered vehicles in the next decade, we can't help but imagine what it was like for our parents and grandparents to experience the end of an era.

Due to higher insurance costs at the beginning of the '70s, customers had to look for more affordable and less powerful vehicles. But some didn't give up and had the beans to purchase them. In 1972, that almost 6,000 USD price was quite steep for the average Jane or Joe.

It was about a quarter of the average home price, and not everyone could afford to keep such a vehicle. Moreover, the Mustang was already in its second generation, and it started to be appreciated thanks to its powerplants and styling.

The Flame Orange color for this convertible was refreshed during previous ownership, and the painter did a very good job, as you could see in the gallery above. Also, the chromed bumpers and trims look spotless, while the original wheels were the widest available for this car, and they had to be, so it could cope with that monstrous engine.

Inside, the carmaker installed a bench seat at the front with a power-adjustable seat for the driver. The Saddle Orange vinyl that covers this convertible was refreshed just a few years ago, and it looks amazingly well. It was, clearly, a personal luxury convertible.

Moreover, a Rally Steering Wheel confirmed the sporty feeling that the first owner cried for. The car still sports that and the pus-button radio.

This rare gem of a car is a true testament to the muscle car era, boasting a Stage 1 package that included a roaring 455 cu-in big-block V8 engine, a four-on-the-floor gearbox, and a Positive Traction performance axle.

With an impressive 270 horsepower and 390 lb-ft of torque, it's no wonder that this car is still turning heads today. Now up for auction on the prestigious Bring a Trailer website, the seller buybid22 claims that the odometer shows only 92k miles, though the authenticity of this claim remains to be seen.

The car is located in sunny Fort Meyers, Florida, so why not go check it out for yourself?

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