Mysterious 1969 Dodge Coronet Is Really Mysterious, Internet Detectives Needed..

The Super Bee was the Coronet’s main focus in the late 1960s. Even though the car was only produced for three years, it was nevertheless Dodge’s new star.

However, the firm made various adjustments to the portfolio, including the variations that customers could purchase, in an effort to keep the “basic” Coronet as exciting as possible.

For example, Dodge dropped the base Coronet in 1969, turning the Deluxe (which was a significantly upgraded trim level) into the lowest offering for this model year.

But despite all these changes, the Coronet continued to win the hearts of many Americans, and this 1969 example right here is one of those who rolled off the assembly lines with much fanfare.

However, as anyone can tell by simply checking out the two images in the gallery, this Coronet has more or less lost its original glory, all for a reason that’s pretty impossible to guess.

In fact, everything is impossible to guess, mostly because the owner, who wants to sell the car, has shared absolutely no information about this Coronet.

At first glance, it looks to be a very intriguing project whose place should be on the road or in someone’s garage, but at the end of the day, it’s an incredibly mysterious Coronet that comes with zero information.

What we can tell from the pics is that the body looks solid, though this doesn’t mean much unless you check it out thoroughly for signs of rust or previous repairs. An engine is still there under the hood, but once again, we know absolutely nothing about it.

The owner does say on Craigslist that the car requires total restoration, but on the other hand, they didn’t even provide a photo showing us the interior of the car. So if anyone is really interested in giving this Coronet a second chance, an in-person inspection is mandatory.

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