From Grime to Shine, Fiat 124 Abandoned for 38 Years Gets Its First Wash and The Results Are Stunning!

Long-term storage may seem like a good idea to preserve a classic, but only if it's done properly in a controlled environment. Improper storage can result in rust issues and turn a stunning classic into a rat-infested disaster on wheels, just like the 1979 Fiat 124 Sport Spider you see here.

Locked up in a garage for 38 years, this gorgeous cabriolet was left to the mercy of dust and mice. It's unclear why it was abandoned, but the garage it was kept in failed to protect the exterior, cabin, and engine bay.

Now, with a full wash and a bit of TLC, this once-gross Fiat has transformed into a gorgeous classic that's sure to turn heads.

Fortunately enough though, cleaning techniques have evolved dramatically in recent years and even the most disgusting barn finds can become gorgeous survivors. And this Fiat, which the owner wanted to be cleaned up so he could sell it, is the perfect proof.

Taken to the folks over at "AMMO NYC," the dusty and smelly 124 Sport Spider got an impressive makeover. The silver paint shines again and the brown and red stripes that adorn the beltline are still in one piece, which is surprising after almost four decades of storage.

But more impressively, the red and black interior looks almost like new after all the rat nests and the massive amount of dirt was vacuumed and washed away.

And not only does this Fiat come in a cool color combo, but it also appears to be a relatively low-mileage example because the odometer shows only 34,590 miles (55,667 km). There's no confirmation that this is the car's actual mileage, but it makes sense given that the Fiat was driven for only five years or so before it went into storage.

So it's pretty much ready to find a new home and hit public roads again except for the engine, which no longer runs. But now that it's clean, it sure looks like it could be revived without a full rebuild. All told, this 124 Sport Spider looks like a genuine survivor that could be driven for several years without a restoration.

If you're not familiar with the 124 Sport Spider, the Pininfarina-designed roadster was introduced in 1966 as a replacement for the Pininfarina Cabriolet. Fiat kept the car in production for almost 20 years, axing it without a direct successor in 1985.

The Sport Spider gained several minor upgrades over the years and used a variety of four-cylinder engines. Originally launched with a 1.4-liter unit rated at 90 horsepower, the Sport Spider gained a 2.0-liter powerplant with more than 100 horses in the late 1970s.

Did you know that Fiat's Abarth Rally variant of the 124 Spider boasted a powerful 126 horsepower? Flash forward to the present, and Fiat launched a modern version of the Spider in 2016, but it was discontinued in 2019. Enough talk about history, though.

Get ready to witness a breathtakQing transformation as this Fiat 124 Spider emerges from decades of neglect to become a stunning showstopper. It's a truly satisfying sight to see. Hit play below and see for yourself!

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