1968 Chevrolet El Camino Comes Out of Arizona Desert, Born With a Small Block..

The El Camino continues to be one of the models that fit a restomod project like a glove, and this is the reason such projects are pretty desirable today.

As compared to other classics, where the presence of the original engine is mandatory for a full restoration to factory specifications, the El Camino makes more sense without any powerplant under the hood.

This is because of two reasons. First of all, the lack of an engine makes it even more appropriate for a restomod, and second of all, it reduces the price of the project, therefore cutting the costs of the final investment, especially if the desired V8 is already in the house.

This seems to be the case of this 1968 Chevrolet El Camino, which at first glance manages to tick just the right boxes for a restomod candidate. Coming out of the Arizona desert without an engine and transmission, this El Camino comes with only little rust, and this isn’t a surprise given the region where it’s been sitting.

The body, for instance, shows only surface damage, so the rust should be something pretty easy to deal with as part of the overhaul.

The floors do need some patching, but on the other hand, the bed comes in great shape, according to eBay seller chunko03. Born as a small-block car, this El Camino continues to be in a very solid shape, though it still requires plenty of work before it can return to the road.

It does need a major cleaning before being able to figure out its condition to the smallest detail, but otherwise, it looks like a very compelling project for someone interested in a restomod.

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