1967 Pontiac Gto Sitting For Years Survived The Vandals, Engine Turns Over..

We’re not going to articulate and explain the importance of the Pontiac GTO to muscle car history. Instead, we’ll stick with something that makes sense to those looking for a 1967 model on the market. What you’re looking at here is a coupe that’s been in storage for years.

While no specifics have been provided on the matter, what we do know is that the car was last registered in 1991. Assuming it was parked a year later, this GTO would have been. been in storage for 29 years, but of course, this is just our speculation.

On the other hand, as you can tell from the photos in this article and published by eBay seller oldwoody34 earlier this week, the car has clearly been looking better for days and the bodywork needs a full repaint.

The original color was burgundy with an embossed top, but none have survived to this day, which is actually good news to an extent as it allows potential buyers to easily identify amount of rust on the bodywork.

However, the seller says that it is very straight and has only a small rust mark. Of course, you should still closely examine this GTO and figure things out for yourself.

Originally stowed in California, the car survived a group of vandals who broke in and smashed its windows, and this is why the GTO arrived without any of them at the moment.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many specifics about the motor, other than that it flips and doesn’t jam. It’s mated to an automatic transmission, but for now, it’s hard to tell how much work the two need to get started right away.

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