1956 Plymouth Fury 2 Door Hardtop in Eggshell White & Engine Sound..

We will talk about a 1956 Plymouth Fury 2 Door Hardtop in Eggshell White Paint. Leroy Walter owns the vehicle, he had this car since 1996, he shared with us that this vehicle experienced a long term reclamation.

Back when American-owned car companies built American cars for American people, Chrysler had a brand that it sold through all three of its dealer networks as a competitor in the “low price” field: Plymouth. From their 1928 introduction onward, Plymouths were known for their solid engineering, dependability, and value for the dollar.

If the original 240hp 303-cubic-inch Poly was good enough, the 392-inch Chrysler Hemi that’s under the hood now is even better. The original two-speed PowerFlite automatic, which Ma Mopar also used in Hemi-powered ’56 Chryslers. A previous owner swapped the original one for a later 8 3/4-inch one, which then updated with a 3.23 rear gear set replacing the 3.94s that were there when he bought it.

Interior: “Chair high” seats now wear leather with original-style “Jacquard weave” cloth inserts. Dash features full instrumentation, including 0-6000-rpm tach, plus a Mercury air conditioner under the dash.

Watch the shared video for more.

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