Street Legal BBC Nova Rips Dyno! Guess The Numbers..

There is absolutely nobody that does not love a Nova, done right like this one.

There have been Ford fans that are commenting about how great this car is and we all know that this means a lot about this kind of vehicle.

Today we are bringing you this Nitrous BBC Nova, which is not just something that looks great, but a real pony car which is about to hit the dyno and show us its teeth.

And boy does this thing bite! Powered by a 540ci Big Block Chevy with spray this thing gets some incredible numbers on the dyno.

How incredible you ask?

Well on the first run which was nitrous depraved, this beast managed to put down 651 horsepower on motor alone.

While on the run that it made with the spray this beast slammed an incredible 918 wheeled horsepower to that Dyno, earning the respect of the entire crowd.

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