Street Legal 502 Big Block Chevelle Rips Dyno Apart..

The dynamometer or as we all call it the dyno has been around for a while now and has become a great tool in order to tune the engine in order to have it running at peak power and also to measure up how much power an engine is producing in the current setup.

Before the dyno enthusiasts could never know how much power the engines produced and it was mostly guessed by the cars performance.

Nowadays they are so easy to get to that almost everybody that builds his own car or modifies it, frequently visit them in order to fine tune their ride.

This time it is time for a 502 Big-Block Chevelle to get on the machine and show what it can do to its owner and the dyno crew, and it sure sounds nice doing it.

If it was up to us we could sit there for hours and hear and see beautiful sounding V-8 engines at top chant while straining to push out all the power they have.

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