Monza Split Bumper Twin Turbo Camaro Sounds So Wicked..

Undoubtedly there are some awesome looking cars out there competing in the NoPrep/Street Outlaws events and nearly all of them have their own fan base be it small or big, but the Monza has to be one of the best looking cars that are in this competition.

What better way to prove this than to bring you a video of the car close up, since most of the videos we show are mainly filmed at the track where the cars are at speed and sometimes you just cannot appreciate all the details that have gone into it.

In today’s video however, we are sorry to say we don’t get to hear this Twin Turbo Camaro at full chant but we do get to hear it idle and purr on low rpms as they move it around.

Well we just hope that with all that power, it will be able to make clean straight passes, in the meantime check it out from up close.

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