Man Comes To The Door And Says: "I'm going to start working on it in a few days"..

Ladies and gentlemen Patrick Glenn Nichols is back, but unfortunately today he brings us something that could have easily been an amazing find, that if the owner would have kept it under a roof.

Patrick brings to us a 1970 Chevelle SS396 which has left the factory floor in a color that these days is pretty rarr, a code 50 Gobi beige paint, who unfortunately has seen much better days.

For reasons that only the owner knows this amazing car has been sitting outside since the early nineties and making it worse, apart from leaving it outside he also put stuff on the roof which has caused it to crumple.

Patrick as an expert doomed this car to be a good donor vehicle, and would not recommend fixing this one for many reasons.

In the comment section we see many saying they have worked on, or have fixed a car with similar damage or decay, the truth is everything is fixable but at what price?

The owner won’t invest to fix this car and that is obvious, that’s why Patric says that it is best to use the car as a donor car since it has quite a few correct pieces under the hood.

There were attempts to get this car back on the business, the starting fluid spray can under the hood is a proof of that, but that must have taken place years ago and we are sure it wasn’t successful.

So if you want to hear in more detail for this car please check the video of Patrick.

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