Is 3000HP Enough To Win $50,000? Check This now..

We take you to Outlaw Armageddon today where everybody has a car fast enough to get to the top spot, and collect on that huge reward of $50,000.

Earlier in the video we find out how humble Brent is and he explains how his Hemi in combination with that ProCharger is capable of 3,000hp but as you’d expect he is not going to even try to put down that much power on this NoPrep event, and off course he is not going to give us an estimate of how much he is putting down at the moment.

With names like Chuck, Ryan Martin, Daddy Dave and Brent behind the wheel of his Hemi Camaro with a huge ProCharger AKA Megaladon, it really is anyone’s game.

The editor of the video decided to follow Brent and the Megaladon as he progresses from round to round, beating Ryan Martin, Daddy Dave and making it all the way to the final where he is facing Chuck.

Will he have what it takes to take out most of the 405 guys or will he fall short of the grand prize? Watch the video and find out.

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