In today’s video, he tells us about the time he had a 1955 Chevy that he adored but as luck would have it his ownership of the vehicle was cut short by his sister leaving for California.

To make matters worse, on the way there the Caddy broke down, so in order to afford the rest of the trip they sold it to a junkyard. You can just imagine how heartbroken he was, to see his dream car disappear for a small scrap of cash never to be seen by him again !!

He never forgot that automobile and it was on the top of his bucket list, second only to owning a house.

After his son filmed videos of him the grandpa got so popular that guess what, his son is now able to afford the aforementioned Caddy and give it to the well deserving Angry Grandpa.

Now if you ask us, teasing the old man like that with showing him the car and getting him all misty eyed was a bit cruel but then again, it meant even more once he say the car in his yard.

Now we know that Christmas is a time of giving and being thankful and there will be many videos like this one full of emotions and joy, but we believe that this one will be ranking at the top for the best Christmas video, play it and see why.

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