Driving "Like a Girl" in an 8-Second Camaro..

All of us have heard multiple times the saying: oh he drives like a girl, well when people that use that word read today’s story they will see how wrong they were using that as an offense.

Alex (Alexa Taylor) is an aspiring drag racer, she owns an 8-second 1968 Chevrolet Camaro, and that gave her an excellent start if we consider how her peers are most likely driving old beater Chevy Cavaliers and Plymouth PT Cruisers.

The girl grew up around cars and her passion for racing started since she was only a kid of 10 year old. She was exposed to wailing tailpipes, fire smoke and a smell of oil at the tender age of three weeks-old.

At the age of 16 in 2013 she was the youngest driver to ever participate in Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Week, running in the 11’s in her 1968 Camaro daily driver that she, her mom and dad built.

The girl likes to drive her Camaro daily which makes her cooler.

The car is not a garage queen but the girl doesn’t feel down having to wrestle it around on city streets and in heavy traffic.

Alex has helped her father while he was working on his vehicles for as long as she remembers, this got her to start building a machine focused on speed.

Talking about vehicles the girl’s 1968 Camaro is a beast and a beauty all rolled in one.

The exterior part has a custom version of Hugger Orange for the paint, that the girl mixed it herself and calls it Retina Ripper Orange. The vehicle also features white racing stripes and a large cowl-induction hood scoop that is large but it doesn’t venture into the territory of being ridiculous or funny.

Under the hood we find a LS1-based that works with a 4L80 transmission. Alex doesn’t specify the car’s modifications; she only says that her family loaded that car with “all the goodies’ ‘ that anyone can think of.

That is quite the statement taking in consideration the wild imagination that some people have about extreme builds.

The origin of this Camaro is also interesting, while many people would assume that the vehicle was a junker that the dad helped Alex find or maybe this was her dad’s car but none of that is true, the car was actually donated by her mother, seems like both parts of the family have the need for speed.

Alex dipped below 12 seconds the first time, she put up a time of 11.81 at 114 mph. That was during Drag Week 2013. She stated that her goal with attending Drag Race Week was for her to be the youngest racer, which she accomplished.

According to Alex she was supposed to be on the passenger and observer on the race but things changed and she made the aggressive moves to get herself out there as a hardcore racer. Because of this shift, her mom became Alex’s copilot.

The girl is now a regular in the eight-second ‘Badmaro’ Camaro.

Wow what a story.

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