Dennis Collins Strikes Gold With An Epic 20-Vehicle Rescue Including A 1970 Dodge Coronet RT..

Dennis Collins’ classic car rescues frequently involve cross-country trips to retrieve epic vintage cars. But his latest outing happens five miles from his Wylie, Texas, home base. Even more unusual is that the adventure involves a 20-vehicle purchase ranging from rare muscle cars to a pair of motorhomes.

Collins’ buys are usually more selective, but the unnamed seller made an all-or-nothing offer that Collins couldn’t turn down. The YouTube video highlights the whole collection and multi-day retrieval effort.

Dennis Collins Digging For Classic Car Gold

Collins gives viewers an overview of the cars he’s buying, including a 1999 Jaguar XJ Vanden Plas and a 1998 BMW 7 Series. While these luxury cars may have drawn a glance or two 20 years ago, they’re nothing special today. Nearby is a sad 1998 Pontiac Firebird and a past-its-prime 2000 Chevrolet Camaro.

None of these vehicles get Collins excited, but some of the other relics start to attract his attention. While not ready for the road, a 1976 GMC Suburban with a 454 cubic-inch V8 and a long options list may see some restoration work in the future. And it’s likely that a 1985 GMC Jimmy will again get license plates; it already runs and drives.
Discovering A Rare 1970 Dodge Coronet RT

Collins’ work gets justified by one vehicle, a 1970 Dodge Coronet R/T hardtop. It’s notable because only 2,100 got built that model year, versus the almost 11,000 Coronet Super Bees that left the factory at the same time.

Collins’ find features a 440 cubic-inch V8 topped with a four-barrel carburetor, a powerplant capable of 375 horsepower when new. Although impossible to see thanks to decades of deterioration, this Dodge once boasted a Top Banana yellow exterior.

A 1982 Jeep Scrambler Laredo with 59,000 miles and numerous options also makes the multi-car task worthwhile.

A Mini Motherload Of GM Goodness

Collins implores the viewers to take a green 1970 Cadillac Eldorado off his hands, hoping someone can bring the beast back to life. Underneath the massive hood sits a huge 500 cubic-inch (8.2-liter) V8 that gives new meaning to the term “big block.”

A treasure trove of Oldsmobiles offers additional potential, including a 1970 442 convertible and partially disassembled Cutlass that could be a genuine 442 in W30 configuration.

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