LS2 V-8 in a street Quad? Why not !! Well how about a street quad with a LS2 V-8 engine in it ?

Got your attention? Good. Created by G. Smith Motorsport this badass quad has independent rear suspension, wildwood brakes, cool black and silver paint, and some great looking rims.

Although we don’t get to see it in real action, we are pretty sure that this one is as fast as it looks.

As a consolation prize you can watch the video for all the cool customs build parts on it and some ear candy, since you can hear it run.

The video is taken at the famous event Cruising the Coast, and according to Scotty it is very impressive. Apparently the location is excellent and the cars and bikes are equally impressive.

As a confirmation to his statement some Hells Angels park right next to him in the middle of the video riding big block motors in their bikes with just straight pipes.

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