Barn Find 1972 Chevelle Malibu – Will It Run After 30 Years and Drive 600 Miles..

The title itself explains the whole video, and believe it or not this guy will travel 600 miles away from home, find the vehicle he has purchased that he had seen in only one photo.

And then after being neglected for three decades he will get the car and hopefully drive back home with it, hopefully.

If you ever tried to start a car that has been stationary for a few years then you would understand what risk this guy has taken.

The car we are talking about is an abandoned 1972 Chevelle which is almost half a century old and asking it to get up and run 600 miles without stopping might be a bit too much.

But anyway we are sure that if any vehicle can do this than a classic American Muscle car is the car to put your bet on, so check out the video and let us know if we are right.

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