Abandoned 1963 Impala SS 4-Speed Found And Rescued From The Woods..

Within the first 5 seconds of the video, we hear the magic sentence “one of 300” and that peaks our attention levels all the way to the top.

His name is Keith Lively, and today we find him in the backwoods of Alabama where he has pulled together a Rescue team in order to save an Abandoned 1963 Chevy Impala SS 4-speed from mother nature and get it back to the safety of the paved roads and dry garages where this baby belongs.

This baby has all the incredible options like bucket seats and according to the numbers this is a real SS and it actually took Keith a few years of pleading with the owner before he can set off with his chainsaw and a tractor on a mission to recover the vehicle.

In his words, no car is too far gone so this one, he promises will live again and all the we can hope for is a brand new video about this incredibly rare classic once it has received some TLC.

In the meantime checkout the painstaking process of freeing it from the woods… share your opinion please.

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