'69 Prostreet Chevy Camaro Beast, Hear It Start, See It Run..

Lucky for guy like us that love muscle cars, there are tons of videos of such cars all over the web and we do our best to bring you the greatest of them for your viewing pleasure.

This time we dug up a very old video of a 1969 Prostreet Camaro, which is just incredible to look at, and what’s even better than looking at it is the fact that we get to hear it run and even see and hear it as it does a small burnout.

This supercharged beast just looks fast even when it’s standing still but once you hear it run it just lets you know that this thing is badass, it starts really nice, there are no surges and it idles great and it just tells you that the whole built and tune is great.

1969 was the first year the Camaro was available with over 400 hp. Buyers looking for more than the Regular Production Order L78 375-hp 396 could go for the 430-hp ZL1-powered COPO 9560 or the less expensive COPO 9561 with the 425-hp L72 427, which had an iron block and cylinder heads. Both would be the last Camaros with over 400 hp until the 426-hp LS3-powered 2010 model.

There are some folks that say that those air cleaners might not have the capacity to provide enough air to the engine, and he should swap them out, what do you think, is that a problem?

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