'68 Dodge Charger "Evil" – Astounding Noise..

Nice pro street Charger in traffic. It’s one of the most desirable and legendary muscle cars.

My gosh listen to that roar at 00:35 that thing is a BEAST!! Vette's are always seen as the iconic American sports car and I do love me a '63 split window, the thing is a work of art. But for me nothing comes close to the 68-69 Charger as far as pure iconic American muscle.

The Charger is way cool, and over the top. I have had two '68,s and one of them was a 440 R/T with an added six-pack car, as the 6brl was not available until 1969. The other was my very first Mopar and was just a 318 car, but it was still cool though. The R/T was a bad-ass Mopar, but I sure miss them both.

Sound insane, looks like a devil! Check out this bad ass Charger video …

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