Talking about a real absolute badass, we bring you an amazingly clean nearly perfect 1970 Ford Torino Cobra, with an 429 V-8 or an even 7.0 Liters engine which they say is good for 650 horsepower.

Some say that the 650 horsepower figure might be a bit enthusiastic but we don’t really care if this thing has less power, that hard hitting cam sounds so mean, that we kinda feel bad that this video only lets us hear this Torino at idle.

Who wouldn’t want a hear a 70s V-8 at full chant with a cam like that and that loud exhaust right.

Check out the video that will leave you wanting more and tell us, which one of the classic muscle cars from the 70s was your favorite and would this Torino be on your to own list if you can get it in this kind of perfect state?

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