1969 Chevelle Chopping Exhaust Cold Start Cammed..

There is no car enthusiast in the world that does not like the classic American Muscle car. 

And for many of them it is the car of choice, as you probably have seen the videos here about the huge Scandinavian muscle car following

One of the greatest features on these cars has to be the symphonic sound that they produce from that huge displacement and the V-8 configuration, and once you install a pair of exhaust pipes with bigger flow, they tend to “sing” to us the greatest symphonies.

As you probably know, before the engine reaches its running temperature, all those sounds are amplified and are mixed with the rough idle of the engine and the whole thing sounds even better.

And this is why we decided to bring you a video of a 1969 Cammed Chevelle’s cold start, so you too can enjoy the pride and joy of this owner, so turn up the speakers and play the video.

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