1967 LT1 C2 Corvette Called The Supercar Destroyer..

Today we take you to the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack event where something quite unusual is happening.

We have all seen Classic American Muscle cars beat modern vehicles at drag races and by now it does not come as a surprise at all.

But to see one that actually has to guts to enter a top speed event, and not just hold its ground but actually start gapping modern cars, well that is something you don’t see every day !!

McLarens, and Lamborghini owners are left in disbelief by this incredible monster that rolled off the production line half a century ago, sporting a twin-turbo LT1.

The best part about it is the fact that this is a family project and they are eager to share the car’s info with all of us, like the fact that he is running 18 to 20 pounds of boost which equals to about 900 horsepower.

For more info on the car, and to see it in action against the rest of the competition, check out the video below.

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