This 1970 Chevelle SS Is A Perfect Example Of American Muscle..

The near 400 hp + nitrous bowtie muscle car build is a deft combination of new and original.

The Chevelle basically started as Chevrolet’s medium size model line. Yet, similarly as with everything during the 60s, roadster adaptations were made, and afterward continuously greater motors went in them.Yet, they were consistently simple vehicles.

That remains today even as the Chevrolet Chevelle SS has for some time been quite possibly the most famous vehicles in the USA to change.

They can be transformed into speedsters, cruisers, and so on. Furthermore they have the special reward of looking extraordinary as well.

Prestigious for their muscle vehicle and restomod grandstands, Shawn Davis and his AutotopiaLA group present us with this 1970 Chevelle SS; an incredible illustration of an American muscle vehicle.

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