Rare, Documented Show Car: 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302..

Of the 7,013 Mustang Boss 302s Ford produced in 1970, it reportedly used 14 of them — all painted Bright Yellow — on the auto show circuit.

Each was an early-production car and the VINs of all have been published. This example, with VIN #0050, is on the list and was apparently used at the 1970 Houston Auto Show.

The car is well documented, according to the seller, with a Marti Report and a signed letter from Mustang invoice researcher Lois Eminger, prior to her 2008 death. According to the seller, this 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 show car has been maintained in stock condition, using NOS parts whenever possible, and it has been driven sparingly since he acquired it.


The seller notes the 302 engine has a service-replacement cylinder block, which had been replaced under warranty years ago, and that the engine has been maintained to stock specifications.

It is said to start easily with a pull of the manual choke and a quick pump of the gas pedal, but there is some initial smoke at startup, which the seller believes is from cylinder #1. Also: the Boss 302-specific 6,150-rpm rev limiter is in place, mounted on the driver’s side inner fender.

The engine is matched with Ford’s Toploader four-speed gearbox and a Traction Lok-equipped 9-inch rear axle, both of which are believed to be original. The seller says there are no known leaks or weeping from the powertrain.


As per the dealer, the body of this Bright Yellow Boss 302 is sans rust and is accepted to have been repainted preceding his proprietorship. The paint shows some age and a couple of chips to a great extent, yet there are no announced imprints.

The glass is accounted for to be in acceptable condition, without any breaks or scratches, and the seals and climate stripping are likewise supposed to be in acceptable condition, with no known holes.

Moreover, the outside trim gives off an impression of being in acceptable condition, with no missing segments, yet there are some little bits of the lower body-side stripe on the sides that have chipped off the quarter boards.


Inside, the dark vinyl inside has been kept up in stock condition, with rebuilding work including supplanting of the front seats with take-out seats from another Mustang. There is wear on the seat covers, however no clear breaks or openings.

The rug and main event are said by the dealer to be in “amazing” condition, while the there are no evident breaks or parts in the scramble cushion. The entryway boards have all the earmarks of being in acceptable condition, however the driver’s entryway board shows an enormous scratch on the base. Moreover, the dealer shows the warmer, measures and unique AM radio are useful.


The chassis and suspension are said to be in stock condition, and the seller indicates no recent service, but he also adds that handling, steering and braking performance are good, with no known needs. The car rolls on Magnum 500 wheels and BFGoodrich Radial T/A tires, which the seller says are less than a year old and show essentially all of their tread.


This vehicle will be sold on a clean South Carolina title in the seller’s name. Additional paperwork for this car includes a Marti Report, a letter from Lois Eminger and the original build sheet.

This 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 also comes with the provenance of its early days on the auto show circuit, which makes it a little more boss than most. So, whether restored further or driven as-is, this rare Mustang muscle car will always have a unique story.

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