Pontiac GTO ends up laying down a best elapsed time of 4.63 seconds at 158 MPH..

We’re back with some more Pro Street action from Tulsa Raceway Park, this time with a wicked nostalgia-style Pontiac GTO owned by a fellow that goes by the name Hollywood Bobby. According to the the description on the video, the car is a new combination that obviously needs to be tweaked a little bit, but it dang sure is fun to watch !!

It seems Mr. Hollywood has no issue keeping his foot planted, even when the car hikes the front end high in the air and carries the wheels way down track, inching closer and closer to the concrete barrier as it traverses the TRP 1/8th mile.

He just keeps the throttle decked and finesses the car back to the center of his lane despite laying down a respectable 4.77 elapsed time at 151 MPH. If you look closely on the 4.77 pass, the driver’s door pops open just after the launch, but Bobby either doesn’t notice or doesn’t care and never checks up.

The car ends up laying down a best elapsed time of 4.63 seconds at 158 MPH, a fairly competitive ET for the Pro Street class. It looks like there is a little more left in the combo too, based on how unstable the suspension currently is.

Once he gets it tamed a bit and can push the car even harder off the line, the car should be running well into the 4.50 range. Hopefully Bobby and his crew can find the suspension’s happy place and get the car to hook hard and straight, then start focusing on adding power to drop those ET’s and bump up the MPH.

This is just another example of the awesome diversity of cars in the Pro Street Class, a class we talked about a bit yesterday with the video of Troy Scott’s blown Opel GT, which also runs Pro Street at Tulsa Raceway Park, one of the premier facilities in the entire midwestern part of the country.

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