NEW 2020 Pontiac GTO Aztek Shaker – Would You?

2020 Pontiac GTO Aztek Shaker – Would You ??

Before we start with telling you the rest of the story we have to warn the true fans of the Pontiac GTO, not to get too excited since this in only a rendering and there has been no announcement that Pontiac is bringing the car back in any shape or form but that is no reason for us not to check it out and talk about what if, this thing is the new 2020 GTO.

Let’s be clear that this is a rendering (obviously) and that GM has no intention of bringing back the GTO or Pontiac for that matter. We will get to why I think GM is dropping the ball on that one in a moment. For now, we are going to look at this 2020 Pontiac GTO rendering and roast the hell out of it.

2020 Pontiac GTO Design

Now the first image is something rather disappointing and it appears that whoever drew it was one of the only 4 people on this earth that actually liked how the Pontiac Aztek looked, and that number includes the 2 chief designers.

The rest of the front end looks like the now zombie Aztek found a Cadillac and stole its eyes in order to look like a true Frankenstein. Nope, no thanks keep this one in the drawing room preferably in the garbage bag.

The rest of the parts on the car feel like the designer of this vehicle has 0 knowledge of proportions and is still waiting to hit puberty, but decided to give us his opinion on the matter nevertheless.

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