Amazing Dodge Challenger 440 1970..

FRENCH GRAY CARD, new paint, new black interior, 2.76 long deck (for lower conso and top speed), 18 and 20 inch Boss wheels (or original rims available).

Sport steering wheel, power steering , power brakes, front disc brake, center console, flowmaster 50 series dual exhaust, new air conditioning, restored engine.

Mopar performance stage 5 cylinder head, Koni and Edelbrock front shock absorbers, enhanced sound system with amplifier and jack connection.

That's one of the nicest I've seen. I just finally fell in love with these and the Barracudas. Took a while, but this one and a couple I've seen won me over.

One day I'm going to start a small collection of old rides like this because honestly, in a world of touch screens, digital displays, self driving vehicle, electric cars and GPS.

I want to drive nothing but beautiful old school rides just like this. I believe that's the nicest one I've seen so far.

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