A Stunning 1969 Chevrolet Camaro with 1,180 Horsepower - Sean Smith's Latest Creation..

Fast & Furious and Grand Theft Auto car designer turns his hand to the classic Camaro.

With over 1,000 horsepower this restored 1969 Chevrolet Camaro balances the power of a dragster with the luxury of a European sports car. A one-of-one design by automotive visionary Sean Smith this car is for one lucky owner, Micheal Shields. This Camaro has a vintage look befitting one of the coolest of all muscle cars, with modern technology. Called Fenix this restomod marks the end of the Chevrolet Camaro’s production. Appearing at the Grand National

The designer Sean Smith worked with some of the most influential automotive franchises, including Fast & Furious and Grand Theft Auto as well as several rich and famous clients. The designer's case studies include Kevin Hart's Roadrunner as well as a number of other classic muscle cars that

Sean Smith Marks The End Of The Chevrolet Camaro

You might not know Sean Smith not one of the industry’s largest designers like Giguaro of Italdesign fame or Frank Stephenson, the designer of the Mini and Mclaren P1. However you’ll certainly know their work, under the banner of Sean Smith Design they’ve worked with Saleen Automotive, Fast and Furious, and even Rockstar Games of Grand Theft Auto fame. The designer specializes in revitalizing older muscle cars with clients including Robert Downey Junior. Sean Smith designed the wide-body Dodge Charger for Fast & Furious 9.

Sean Smith’s latest design brings the air of Grand Theft Auto to the iconic 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. The first generation of pony cars from General Motors, the Camaro took the fight to the Ford Mustang. But with over 50 years between then and now automotive design understandably moved on a lot.

On their Instagram Paul Smith Design said they were, "always moving towards the common goal and initial direction of the cars concept. Which was to make it a European GT inspired muscle car.". This car balances the muscle car look with some retro-chic looks.

With the edgy marketing name Fenix, this 1,180-horsepower muscle car rises from the ashes of the Camaro. After all the Chevrolet Camaro alongside its Dodge sibling, the Challenger leaves production in 2023. Previously Sean Smith built two other cool Camaro projects. The first called the Infrared Camaro boats a bright orange paint scheme and halo effect lights. This particular project uses the second generation of Camaro, introduced in 1970. The Grimm Camaro, while built on a first-generation Camaro, has a less retro look and seems more torn from the street of Cyberpunk's Night City.

Sean Smith's Custom 1969 Camaro Packs A 1180-HP 427 LS7 V8

Sean Smith Designs said: “Based on a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro owned by Michael Shields, the result is a truly remarkable vehicle that combines luxury and elegance with the astonishing performance of an 1180hp supercharged Chevrolet 427 LS7 V8 engine.”

While this new project from Sean Smith looks the part as a refined piece of classic muscle, the engineering of the car is completely overhauled. With such a powerful and theatrical engine obviously, this Camaro needs some extra sticky rubber. This falls to the responsibility of the Michelin Pilot Sport 4s on some 19-inch HRE wheels.

As a car for an enthusiast, there’s a 6-speed manual. A ludicrous amount of power, this car needs a lot of skill to drive. But lowered and with some mean stance this looks like it rolled right out of Los Santos Customs.

Sean Smith worked on Rockstar Games’ titles Midnight Club and Grand Theft Auto for four years. During this time he rendered cars and body kits for the games. While not contributing to these recently the designer’s work appeared in their most recent title with cars carried over between games.

Custom ’69 Chevrolet Camaro Restomod Marries Luxury With Muscle

With stunning bodywork finished in silver that compliments the subtle bodywork, this ’69 Camaro is a rather classy affair.

The designers cite Bentley, Aston Martin, and Porsche as inspirations for this latest build. Long gone are the scratchy plastics that one associates with General Motors cars. This project takes the form of a resto-mod. A rather popular niche given the cost of these projects just looks like a Singer and Gunterworks in the Porsche community. Although some owners did give the same treatment to the Camaro, one of these included Joe Rogan.

These restomods don't start out cheap. According to Classic, an aggregator of used car prices, the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro demands on average a price of $70,365. With metal fabrication, tuning, and uncountable man-hours these sorts of projects can only find funding from the wealthiest of enthusiasts.

The Driven Speed Shop built the exterior of this car. With an aggressive front aero system that uses an aeronautical-inspired front splitter. The tail lights continue this motif with a triangular shape cut out of the corners.

The interior looks equally luxurious. Using 3D design Sean Smith followed inspiration from the owner’s favorite European sports cars. With a combination of charcoal gray and crème leather, there’s a yacht-like air and a luxurious twist with a diamond-stitch pattern.

Effectively this car from Sean Smith looks like if Chevrolet made a new 1969 Camaro. Like a Phoenix, this restomod rises from the flames of the dying muscle car. With more and more classic models falling out of production, likely more cool restomod swansongs to these cars are on the horizon for our enjoyment.

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