1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda..

This is the Cuda you would build if you had all the right contacts and an unlimited stack of hundred dollar bills.

This car is a show stopper and a monster all at the same time. I have seen cars that are put together just to look at never be driven only pushed with guys wearing cotton gloves that don’t look this good.

I have seen cars that were built to be street monsters that pale in comparison to what lurks under the hood of this car. So here we go, under the hood is a 426 CID V8. Now those in the know are thinking, 426? Elephant?

Absolutely! Can you say HEMI baby! But not just any Hemi, oh no, this one was built by the master engine builder and Hemi mad man, Keith Black! So imagine a Keith Black prepped Hemi with dual 4 barrel carburetors backed by a 4 speed manual transmission that slams all that torque to the Dana 60 rear axle housing a 3.5 gear set.

Continue to imagine that the Dana is attached to this fine ride with a four link suspension and sway bars sporting coil over shocks. Up front the bumps are tamed by air ride and tubular control arms and K member. Got your attention yet?

Thought so! Inside this car is plush, with red leather racing seat and all the right goodies like tilt steering wheel and compact disc player. On the exterior is deep black paint that has been massaged to the point were it looks a mile deep.

Of course the chrome pops off this rich black paint job and the added brightness of the LED lights for marker light tail light and even head lights add to the visual effect that has even one’s jaw gaping open.

So if you knew all the right people to do the best job possible and had a stack of Hundred Dollar bill tall enough you would have built this car but you don’t need all that, this car is already for you now.

Options for this 1970 Cuda for sale include, constant groups of admirers around your car every time it comes to a stop, Also ,Compact disc player, leather seats, tilt steering wheel, Alloy wheels and so much that I can.

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