The before and after footage shows the muscle car’s radical transformation spanning over 40 years..

For fans and lovers of classics cars among us, you will well know the ins and outs of the Plymouth Barracuda that has been around since 1964. Although it is no longer in production, after stopping in 1974, there are still some available.

One was recently found a couple years ago in a barn that has been sitting since the ’70s with the keys still in its ignition. It features everything you can hope for, from its 346 pack to original paint-gills on its wings. Although it was in bad shape, someone was able to turn it around and get it back on the road.

This AAR ‘Cuda sat neglected for nearly 40 years before the owner decided he wasn’t getting any younger and decided to resurrect the ‘Cuda! So in 2019 he pulled it out of the barn and got it back on the road!

The first car show he had ever been too was the Mopars on the Mississippi Show in Dubuque, IA. Just a few miles from where the car sat for decades.

A Decades-Old Time Capsule

Luckily, this decades-old Plymouth AAR Cuda muscle car has seen a restoration back to its original condition.

The owner manages to find tires to fit the original rims on the car. This time capsules engine is still in its original condition too, thanks to the car still featuring its original 4.5-liter V8 engine. The owner of the car held the Plymouth AAR Cuda for over 40 years in his shed after collecting it from a dealer that had two owners in 1972.

Since it’s been sitting there for so long, the car has minimal miles on it and therefore, can drive just like it once did. The owner drove the ride around infrequently for 15 years as a daily driver and has since, been protecting it.

The owner keeps the car due to hearing so many people regretting getting rid of such classic cars. He would hate to get rid of such a timeless car from Plymouth and he now drives it again after having sat in his shed for decades.

The Plymouth AAR Cuda is driving again and getting the love it deserves after such a long time. Although it was a challenge finding the right parts to restore the parts that were in poor condition, such as the tires, the owner says it was well worth it.

The owners state he will keep the car in its best condition to enjoy it for the rest of his life. He has plans to hand it down for others to enjoy after him.

Overall, it is a great feat restoring such an iconic Plymouth to its original condition

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