058 - Only 800 Miles 1968 Plymouth GTX Fitted with 528 HEMI V8 Pushing 700HP..

Immaculate 1968 Plymouth GTX Fitted with 528 HEMI

Whether you like your Mopars restored to factory original or restomodded, in my opinion this 1968 Plymouth HEMI GTX is as close to perfect as it gets.

The classic appearance is very well preserved, enhanced with a set of Cragars’ wrapped in Mickey Thompson rubber, and on the inside the brand new Legendary interior is amazing.

But when it comes to performance, this 1968 Plymouth GTX has a lot more to offer compared to what it came from the factory with. During the rebuild it has been fitted with dual quad fuel injected 528 HEMI V8 pushing 700 horsepower controlled by 5-speed Tremec transmission and 4.10 geared Dana 60 rear end.

This 1968 Plymouth GTX was recently listed for sale at WeBeAutos for $110,000 (not sure if still available). We are not associated with them, but I thought you would love to see this glorious Mopar all the way around.

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