088 - Here’s What A Dodge Challenger Hot Rod By Ed Roth Could Look Like..

An artist imagined what a modern day muscle car could look like in the hands of the custom car builder.

Digital renderings are the perfect way of letting your imagination run riot, and to create something that doesn’t involve cutting up a real life car. Talented renderer and artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel is well known for his high quality creations. This Dodge Challenger is no exception.

It’s a Challenger taking inspiration from Ed “Big Daddy” Roth and the ethos of Kustom Kulture. It’s a Rat Fink Challenger that is now stylized to look like Darry Starbird’s Predicta.

A Sleek And Outlandish Looking Car

The first thing of note is that overall, the design, and styling of the car is rather sleek. The giant bubble top canopy the Challenger now has gives it almost fighter jet style proportions and styling.

Looking ahead of that canopy, we can see the fascia of the Challenger is as recognizable as ever, and Emmanuel references in his Instagram post that the Challenger now has a Hellcat Supercharger.

Its custom intake design is clearly visible, and it is reminiscent of the classic Blower Scoop with round butterfly doors. The modifications to the Challenger don’t stop there.

The wheels on this Challenger are a very special standout feature as well. The car has modern muscle, redline wheels designed by Cragar Wheels that look absolutely stunning. Those wheels are on Mickey Thompson Tires ET Street Radials, and a custom side exhaust complete that set of modifications.

There are some other bodywork changes too. The Challenger has gained some bulk thanks to the widebody kit it has, with bigger wheel arches and a front spoiler, with sculpted ducts to help direct airflow better over the wheels. The rear angle of the Challenger also shows its new modifications off very well.

A Much Bulkier Looking Rear End

The rear end is certainly dramatic. While the basic outline is still the same, the bulkiness the car now has can’t be simply ignored. Check out the area around the wheels. The arches themselves are bigger, but the bodywork across the rear quarter of the car is also much, much larger looking.

It is perhaps a bit of a bloated look, but it’s certainly going to grab your attention. It does also provide quite the contrast to the front of the Challenger, which has gained some size, but nowhere near as much as that of the back of the muscle car.

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