1968 Pontiac Firebird Render, An Epic Looking Convertible - 045

Using great skill, this digital artist has created this heavily modified muscle car concept, turning it into the ultimate convertible.

The digital car rendering world is full of some truly stunning creations. The beauty of a digital rendering is that it can allow an artist to really express themselves when it comes to design, without having to get their hands on a real car.

One of the best at digital car renderings is Oscar Vargas. He always creates some stunning pieces of work. And this latest one is just that, with him having made a heavily resto-modded 1968 Pontiac Firebird and turned it into a modern convertible.

A Closer Look At The Firebird Restomod

As Vargas himself says, this is a heavily modified 1968 Firebird concept. From the front, though, we can still see the 1968 lineage. The front fascia of the Firebird remains almost identical to the original car, with the same headlight arrangement, the same grille shape and even the same hood.

But where it changes is with the massive front bumper and the lip spoiler too, really modernizing the car. Integrated into that bigger and wider bodywork are some large wheel fenders too, arching over much bigger wheels than as standard.

An Epic Looking Convertible

The convertible element of this Firebird is pretty awesome too. The car is a hard-top and not a soft-top, and Vargas has added some render angles showing the roof of the car fold back into the Firebird to reveal it with its roof down. This adds a totally new vibe to the car, making it absolutely perfect for summer days.

It also further shows how low the car sits to the ground and how angled its front windshield is. Across the side of the Firebird, we can see the larger and extended side skirts with some nice, subtle touches too, such as the modern style door handles.

The Ultimate Firebird Restomod

This is possibly the ultimate example of a Firebird restomod. At the back of the car, Vargas has tried to maintain a mixture of old and new. We have for example the same rear fascia styling, with the four taillights and rear spoiler.

But these taillights are now of a modern, LED strip design compared to the standard car. The Pontiac name is also still present on the back, as it would have been on the standard car, and is above the spoiler on the trunk lid itself. The whole render is set off nicely with the car in this stunning bright orange color.

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