When you happen to stumble upon Patrick Nichols, we know he will bring to us a vehicle that was hiding in some garage or some field and he finally makes the owner give him permission to film it and then bring it to us.

But today’s video seems to be totally different. The vehicle you will get to see has a brand new owner and it wasn’t hidden in any garage or barn.

Patrick actually purchased the car and if you have followed this expert you know for sure that this car is special if he spent his own money to get it.

Guys like him say that matching engine and chassis number is the start place when they go look for cars to verify, but if the vehicle has the actual build sheet present like this one, well there is no doubt that it will get all of his attention.

But that doesn’t mean that the vehicle is in a terrible state, no way.

The car has little to no rust in it, and the interior needs some work on it.

The particular car has been hidden for 15 years, these things are a great helping hand when it comes to raising value, but let’s be real here, we are talking about Patrick Nichols, the guru of such cars and him making a purchase is one of the best compliments this car can get.

Even though this is his car and in the future he would try to sell it he still points out the correct and incorrect stuff that the car has.

Check out the video of the car.

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