Huge American Muscle Car Barn Find

It’s time to learn more about Tom Cotter if you haven’t already and you’re interested in finding barn find vehicles.

He is the star of the online series Hargerty’s Barn Find Hunter and is the author of numerous books on finding barn find vehicles.

Whether or not you are aware with Cotter, the episode from the first season of Barn Find Hunter is fantastic and can be seen in the video down below. Additionally, it features a massive collection of American muscle vehicles.

Tom Cotter strikes again.

The existence of a muscle car stockpile in Georgia comes as no surprise. A 1970 Dodge Challenger in Plum Crazy that is so coveted that it would be worth far too much to be sitting in deterioration is among the outstanding collection’s many items that appear to contain a little of virtually everything.

Being a model you hardly ever see these days, an AMC Rebel is among the most uncommon of the group. This collection is fairly fun for anyone who like American vehicles.

In addition to the muscle car stockpile, this movie has a fantastic Morris Minor. It’s an Australian/New Zealand right-hand-drive model that hasn’t succumbed to rust like so many others.

Even the front leaf springs and crossmember are in good shape, which Tom says is unusual and calls for a new frame. Even though most people consider these little British cars odd and useless, you can see that Cotter has a soft spot in.

It’s amazing to watch Cotter in action. The man’s ease in discovering these vintage automobiles hidden away where others could stroll right by indicates that he has been doing this for some time.

He can easily find automobiles in yards and sheds full of rusty metal, identify them, and skillfully determine what may be right and wrong with them. It’s genuinely motivating.

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