8 things to consider when buying car insurance

How to choose an insurance package just cost savings, but also achieve a satisfactory level of compensation when an accident occurs in the context of the market there are so many insurance companies with offerings as the current diversity?

All individuals or organizations are required car owners to buy insurance of civil liability. Besides, there are all kinds of voluntary insurance products, such as liability insurance of vehicle owners' civil for goods transported on vehicles, physical damage insurance of motor vehicles...
Here are 8 suggestions to help vehicle owners to choose a basis for calculating insurance wrapped products suitable and effective with his car.

Here are suggestions to help vehicle owners to choose a basis for calculating insurance wrapped products suitable and effective with his car.

1. Take advantage of these insurance products and services useful

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Hotline: Support timely emergency situations when the accident regardless of day or night, guiding the handling of the situation at the scene when the incident, recognition and tracking processes compensated and answer any questions.
Free Traffic Rescue: Help reduce the cost of transportation vehicles from the incident to the repair garage.

Genuine Garage Repair: To provide genuine spare parts, ensure the car retains value after repairs.

Repair and replacement of spare parts is not amortized: Advantages Vietnam for luxury cars, expensive because the car remains the same after repair value.

Shui fire insurance: Insurance services for cases of damage due to submerged car.

Insurance stolen parts: Compensation for the parts of the car is stolen.

2. Selection of appropriate car insurance package

Buying insurance is to buy a piece of paper that guarantees payment unwanted risks that may occur in the future. It is a contract between the owner and the insurance company, which paid a premium vehicle owners and insurance companies are responsible for compensation for damages is specified in the insurance policy.
The first customer car ownership to car insurance often rely on the advice of the clerk's car or acquaintance introduced.

The lengthy, complex texts in the contract may be the reason why many people trust in the mercy of insurance salesmen, they are only interested in the amount of subscription fees and reimbursement levels. This may cause them to pay higher premiums, but if something goes wrong, they will not get back the insurance services as desired.

So the first time car insurance premiums according to the financial capacity as well as their travel environment that choose voluntary insurance accordingly. After years of use, they will summarize the experience to select the most appropriate product.

For example, for the models with the average value should be insured and submerged hull (water hammer), these cars should buy additional insurance to stolen parts ...

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3. Not necessarily the cheapest in will save the most

Together the products cover a car, but if customers ask five different sources, you can get five different premium rates.
The main reason is because there are differences related to the coverage, level of responsibility, the right to choose the garage repair, free rescue service and responsibility to share the cost of the customer when the incident in forms such as depreciation or a deductible.

Besides, the difference in time and claim settlement procedures also have an impact on premiums.

Depending on the current state of the environment of the vehicle and move frequently that users should choose the package with wide or narrow range. For example, if you are using a vehicle using time relatively long (four years), consider selecting genuine service garage and should accept a higher deductible.

When the car owner with a value below 1 billion, it may not need to pay premium for theft car insurance services division can because affordable shopping, but if you have expensive cars, the shop not to be missed through fees.

Since the premiums of insurance companies often offer very different, to get the best rates in the same contents insurance, so get quotes from at least three companies to compare and choose from.

4. Selecting the appropriate deduction to the actual circumstances

Deductible or deductible is the amount that the client share the risk with the insurance company in each case losses. Loss of vehicle owners must be greater than the deductible, the new insurance company compensated.
For example, with a deductible of 1 million, the customer will pay for itself if the loss of less than 1 million. If the loss is 100 million, customers still pay only $ 1 million and the insurance company will pay the remaining 99 million.

If the increased deductible, the insurance buyer can save expenses.

For example, premiums usually do not have as long a Toyota Innova G for the 2010 production of about 12.2 million / year, if the selected level is 1 million deductible, the premium decreased to 9.5 million / year, but usually choose free allowance of 5 million, the premium fell to 7.1 million / year (decrease depending on the insurance company).

Therefore, car owners need to define the context, environment and attitude to move the driver to select the most beneficial deductible. In fact, as long as the selected level, the employer usually conscious driving safer.

(All prices were count by Vietnam Dong)

5. Learn techniques for repair service standards

You should choose the car insurance company has a relationship with reputable garage and convenient for travel and repairs. Next is to find out the level of cooperation of the insurance company from the garage to avoid having to go back several times because of cumbersome procedures.
Besides being considered rescue service 24 / 24h (staff compensation settlement with the professional, dedicated not; the process of settlement of compensation has not precise about the time ...).

Many insurance companies have "backyard" is the car repair workshop and can they publicly speak out, maybe not publicly, but only "orientation". So it is the best choice to choose a reputable repair company to take on the terms of the contract.

Where repairs are an important issue should certainly be covered by the buyer the right to choose where to fix the contract, to avoid cases of poor quality parts swap or not genuine.

6. You should insurance combined in groups
If household insurance, health care insurance and car insurance at the same insurance company reputable, customers can receive a discount will be given. If conditions permit, you should buy insurance more than a year.

When a group of friends or colleagues are buying insurance needs should be brought together to buy because such groups are entitled to fees and many more preferential conditions.

It should also look to brokers because they often gather more customers to negotiate a separate plan with the insurance company with very competitive prices while maintaining full rights those with insurance.

7. Carefully read the introductory material about insurance rules
Do not just listen to what insurance salesman explained, but also requested to provide documents about insurance rules accompanying the contract. Only new insurance rules represent all rights and obligations, the exclusions are not compensated.

Some customers do not pay close attention to the conditions in the terms, such overdue registration, improper use of vehicle registration purposes, the accident driving without a license appropriate, purchase protection lack of insurance coverage required part ...

Therefore, to avoid possible malpractice detriment later, before buying insurance, vehicle owners need to carefully study the contract items and consider the expansion of coverage.

8. Understand the rights and responsibilities

Once insured, customers will want the incident will be compensated quickly and fairly, car repairs or replacement in professional garage and with genuine spare parts.

However, to get these things, understanding the rights and responsibilities of the insured as well as consider carefully before signing purchase any type of insurance is extremely necessary.

Highly specific negotiations on each of the terms is the best way to ensure the interests of insurance buyers are respected.

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