Note about insurance conditions when renting/borrowing a car

It is particularly of concern is that when you give someone borrowed car accidents caused by them can greatly affect your car insurance premiums have been awarded.

Do you ever let someone borrow your car yet? Density lend more or less? Whether it be friends , family, or even strangers know you through car -sharing applications on smartphones, that is to say that you are facing a high risk source for insurance contracts the car you're buying.

If an accident occurs while you let others borrow the car, temporarily set aside the loss of life or health, there are other consequences that you're sure to encounter, such as financial losses from car insurance contracts.

If the car is damaged and can not be used until it is repaired, or worse , it could be shelved completely, you will not have the opportunity to receive a replacement vehicle, although premiums your insurance is still played regularly every year.

Instead, you are more likely to only get a significantly lower cash value of the vehicle deductible, minus the amount of fines for your car loan. Most importantly, a car weighing from 1.360 kg to 3.630 kg when moves quickly can cause accident enormous damage to the lives and health of the other traffic and it certainly will spirits haunt you even if the accident is not you.
Whether you lend vehicles for the purposes of good, want to help friends, relatives or simply interested in helping protect the environment through several applications to share intelligent transportation, to help limit the number circulation of vehicles on the road, the better your job will be a pity if you lack knowledge in handling this situation.

Here are 5 tips from us if you want to minimize the damage caused by this situation:

1. If you only occasionally to friends or relatives borrowed car

Generally, car insurance contract includes two entities that both you and the car, and if referring to emergency situations you can lend the car in a certain time period specified in the contact.

The terms are "soft" and can be agreed between vehicle owners and insurance companies. However, language and situations that need to be described as detailed and clear as possible, to avoid cases when things happened but the two sides argued for confusing the terms.

2. If you regularly to friends, or relatives , or neighbors ... borrowed car

That means basically you are sharing , shared your car with another person . You should inform the insurance company about this information and require some adjustments in the insurance policy. Careful habits will help you not only avoid the risk of bad problems occur, that people share with your car and become more accountable to the car .

3. If you are a dedicated to providing car rental services

This is a great solution to save costs and increase income with a real person and not just owning a car. However please note that the application of this principle on the 2nd to the insurance contract.

4. If you hand over the car keys to a minor child

If in case your son or your daughter really mature and officially received a driver's license. You want to reward them with a car, but your name shall stand sure thing is that you need to list your child's name on the list of vehicle owners . Of course , that means that you play premium will increase, but it ensures that you definitely get benefits when risks occur .

5. If you give strangers borrow / rent vehicles through car -sharing applications on smartphones

This situation is probably less appeared in Vietnam but in America, it is extremely popular. The site specializes in providing this service may be mentioned as,, and

To ensure maximum convenience to users, the company also provided with vehicle insurance services been slightly because the business is profitable, it is not possible to make sure that they serve sake the highest interests of our customers, so that your first concern is to thoroughly understand the details in terms of insurance.

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