Introduce insurance exclusively for mercedes-benz

Car insurance for Mercedes - Benz has introduced this morning ( 4/12 ) has many benefits and insurance services outperformed conventional . This is also the first auto insurance company named carmakers in Vietnam.


This morning ( 4/12 ), Ltd. Mercedes-Benz Vietnam and Liberty Insurance Company Limited has officially introduced automobile insurance products exclusively for Mercedes- Benz vehicles , including new cars and vehicles use no more than 12 years from the date of manufacture.

Insurance Mercedes-Benz Cars has comprehensive coverage on the market today. Specifically , customers will be insured against all risks or unexpected damage to vehicles or theft of the entire vehicle instead only insurance against risks identified in the contract of insurance available.

If additional insurance purchased stolen parts, customers can be compensated up to 2 crops/year and unrestricted number of parts stolen in each , while most insurance companies only agreed compensation 1 time / year ( limited number of parts ). Furthermore, Liberty does not require customers to send cars in areas with custodians and parking bills when settling a claim of theft. Means for parking in the street or anywhere that stolen are compensated if proven justified.

If you buy car insurance package of Mercedes-Benz and compulsory insurance of civil liability of motor vehicle owners, customers will be assured if unfortunate accident. Specifically if an accident resulting in bodily injury to another person, Liberty Insurance on behalf of the customer will indemnify the victim families to 140 million / person / service , instead of a maximum of 70 million / case under the current regulations of the Ministry of Finance. Similarly, for property damage, Liberty Insurance will also pay compensation on behalf of clients to 140 million / service instead of 70 million dong / services as prescribed. Besides , when the accident belongs to the 3rd error , Liberty will actively compensate for previous customers and 3rd party claim follows.

Customers participating insurance Mercedes-Benz Cars enjoy many special offers on premium. They will be insured free water hammer, is the right choice genuine workshop repair services and replacement parts are genuine new 100 % without having to pay the cost of depreciation. Not only that, when purchasing additional accident insurance for passengers or civil liability insurance is voluntary 50% reduction in fees for these products. In addition, the customer loyalty and keep traffic will be reduced to 40 % premium to renew the contract .

In addition, customers participating insurance Mercedes-Benz Cars also are available 24/7 through a private switchboard 1800 1011 (free of charge ) and Liberty commitment will make a decision within 1-7 days of compensation do from the date of receiving the complete claim file.

In particular, customers participating insurance Mercedes-Benz Cars will be free rescue nationwide unlimited number of times within a period of insurance or require rescue reasons - whether the car accident, death machine, out of gas or flat tire. These customers do not dare to drive because inability to focus or passing through flooded areas can also request a free rescue to ensure the safety of people and vehicles.

Mr. Dirk ADELMANN , Executive Director of Tourism Division of Mercedes-Benz cars in Vietnam, said:" We believe that insurance Mercedes -Benz Cars, with the benefits and superior insurance services from Liberty , will fast rapid conquest customers , whether they are our most difficult."

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