10 Basic Rules For New Drivers

There are so many things for new drivers to learn to improve their driving skills. Here are the most important and basic things for you if you want to become an excellent driver.

1. Understand every single details of your car

Whether you own an affordable car or a luxury car, even a fancy or limited-edition car, it still has basic things as cars in all over the world. Therefore, as a new driver, you should get into your car to know about all the basic details of it.

That means a new driver must know the function of every single button in your car and be able to control your car on the road. You should also know the position of the details of your car to avoid unexpected risks while driving. What does the dashboard show and what does it mean? Where is the fuel tank and how to open it? Your car is a manual transmission or automatic transmission?… There are plenty of questions that should be answered if you want to be a safe driver.

You can learn all those things in just 1 or two days. Maybe it will take you some days, some weeks or even some months, it all depends on your ability. Instruction books, online documentations or even your friends and family members can be your perfect driving constructor

2. Know how your car works

Car experts recommend that you should look for documents, videos or infographics on the Internet to know exactly how a car works. Just google with phrases such as “how a car works?” or “Cars’ operating rule”, the results will surprise you.

You also need to consider the reference in prestigious sites, instead of in a strange link and less common. When you know exactly how your car works, every trouble seems to be very easy for you to fix

3. Know how to fix some easy trouble

Imagine that you are driving on a remote road and your car suddenly has trouble with your tire. No mechanics, no other cars to help. Then, some basic fixing skills will be helpful for you. Knowing how to change the spare tire, check the oil level,… is very necessary for every driver. Or at least, you can “guess” what is wrong with your car to describe it to the mechanic

4. Know what to do when you have an accident

Nobody wants to have accidents, but is does not mean that it will not happen to you. When you have an accident, make sure to turn off the car and take the key out to avoid getting fire, and try your best to get out of the car. Gently talk to the other car in the accident to handle it. Being calm is the best advice for you. Take some pictures about the accident or find a witness to make sure that nobody can lie about that

5. Learn how to drive in bad weather

Nobody wants to drive in bad weather, but it is unpredictable and unavoidable. Slowing down, keeping the distance with the cars on the road, using lights and horn smartly,… are the things you should do in this situation. Stay focus because everything can happen, such as a sudden-turn car, a broken tree on the road or something like that.

6. Stay calm while you are driving

In everyday life, it is easy for you to get angry by people around you. However, drivers should be calm to control every situation on the road. The anger sometimes makes you in troubles easily. Learn how to control yourself and be a professional driver.

If someone is angry with you on the road, let him pass you. Don’t go out of your car or put your window down. Apologize gently if you do somethings wrong. Yelling is not a good thing to do

7. No alcohol

You should not drive if you drink alcohol, because it makes you hard to control yourself, easy to fall asleep while driving, and this can make an accident. It also make you be fined by the traffic police if your breath has alcohol. A safe driver always say no to drink alcohol before he drives

8. No cell phones while driving

If it is not urgent for you to use your phone, just put it down and focus on driving. Because when you use phone, your eyes will not 100% look at the road, and this is one of the causes to make accidents. So, when you have a call or a message, make sure that you would stop the car before answering it to avoid being in danger.

9. Be focus while driving

This is very important and necessary for all drivers to be safe. It’s very easy! Just focus on the road and the destination. People may be attracted by somethings they see on the road, such as a beautiful car, a pretty girl or an advertisement board. They are all the “traps” to the driver to make them be unfocused. So, make yourself always focus on the road

10. Behave as an adult

You should drive as a responsible person and make sure that you deserve to have your driving license. Trying not to make accidents, acting gently and smartly are the last rule to be a safe driver that I want to tell you.

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